Tuesday, September 13, 2011

freunde von freunden

I was quite excited the other day to see that Freunde von Freunden, one of my favorite "house visit" blogs, has done a little revamp (I hate to use that word, since it implies that they needed improvement, which wasn't the case). I had been enjoying the pictures for a while, but wishing that my one semester of German would get me farther in reading the interviews (it got me nowhere, consisting mainly of one-liners about how the sun is shining today and how I hate myself and want to die [I have no idea where that second one came from--not from my class, for sure]).

Anyway, I'm excited about having the option of reading the interviews in English, and as a language person I really appreciate that they're also going to have the interview in the original local language too.

And thinking about those great Berlin apartments reminds me of two of my favorite German movies, widely differing in tone but both wonderful.


  1. Ahh! Those are two of my favorite German movies, too. Actually... I haven't seen very many German movies, but these are the two I remember enjoying.

  2. Heh! Yeah, my total number of German movies is not too big either. Another one I remember is a rather long and psychological one about radicals in the 70s (The Baader Meinhof Complex). And Downfall, that was good.