Tuesday, June 21, 2011

le rayon vert

I watched Le Rayon Vert (Summer) a while back and was slightly surprised at how much I liked a lot of the clothes in it. This is surely an indicator of age, the dividing line being between a Youngster (who would say, "of course the clothes are great, it's from the 80s") and a non-Youngster (who would either dislike the clothes or be surprised at liking so many of them).

Although it would undoubtedly tire a viewer with little patience for a neurotic heroine and/or a distaste for the French pastime of sitting around and having borderline-combative philosophical exchanges over food and beverages, I would recommend this movie to those not falling into the former two categories. It really is a sweet movie if you can get past the dithering and frequent crying jags.

By the way, the last time I watched the sun set over the ocean (which is not something I have occasion to do very often), I did not see the fabled green ray, somewhat to my disappointment.


  1. I somehow missed that you had some new posts!

    I've watched several Rohmer films and you are right, they are not for the impatient. He does seem to specialize in the nuerotic heroine. I'll have to find this one (which I have not seen).

    I also find it weird that I'm liking many 80's styles again. One look from the 80's I could live without ever seeing again: men in super-skimpy-oversized-body builder inspired tank tops...uuuuugggg! (I was reminded because a man wearing one shows up towards the end of the trailer...)

  2. Oh, I hope those tank tops don't come back. I've seen them on females, and it seems like with proper styling they can be okay. But I hope they don't make a comeback with the male set.